Love the Wine You Drink

Love the Wine You Drink

Wine Should Bring You Joy

Wine can be such a joy to discover and enjoy. But it can also make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Trying to pick the “correct” wine for dinner can be an anxiety causing ordeal all by itself. From trying to decipher the wine list to picking a wine that is within your budget and that suits everyone’s palate and meal – it can all just be a bit too much. I think that is why people stick to the wines they know. By drinking the same old wines, you feel confident that you know what you are getting. You might not be over joyed by the wine, but at least it’s familiar. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Trying new wines will please and surprise you. The idea is break out of your comfort zone and find wine that brings you joy.

Les Ménines Rosé by Château Ruffinatto

Be Bold: Try New Wine

I recently read an article that said that people tend to drink the wine they know,  that they have previously been exposed too, rather than risk trying something new. That made me so sad. Think of all that wonderful new wine – that adventure – the chance to travel via your taste buds – that people are missing out on. As a French wine importer, I try A LOT of wine. Some of it’s amazing and some of it is just ok. Truthfully, very little of it is so bad that I regret trying it. The more I try, the more I find I truly love. There are all sorts of rules I could tell you – so that you could approach wine tasting with some structure and guidance. But be bold – ignore those rules. Try new wines – even ones you think you may not like – and definitely ones you do not know. You will be surprised by how much you enjoy the new experience.

Drink Wine From Small Family Wineries That You Do Not Know

I am going to speak in gross generalizations for a moment. Big commercial wines are bland, boring and totally predictable. Yep, I said it. Give me a small family farming their own vineyards, pouring their heart and soul into their wine over a big conglomerate any day. Now, admittedly, I am totally biased. The only wines I import are those in which I have met the farmer / wine maker – so I know of the family’s connection to the land, the vines and the love and effort that they have for their wines. BUT the reason YOU should drink these wines is this: if you want to find something truly remarkable – something that you have not had before – try the wine from the small family winery. Those farmers are fully invested in producing a wine that they can be proud of. You will be delightfully surprised. AND the prices are usually far more reasonable. 

This is the mentality that drives the wine club at LBV. I search for those high quality, unknown wines, so that I can share them (and the story of the family that makes them) with you. If you want to know more about our wine club, click HERE.

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