Wine Pairing for the World Cup: France v. Peru June 21st!

Wine Pairing for the World Cup: France v. Peru June 21st!

I am addicted to the World Cup. This year, the games have been “sit on the edge of your seat” exciting.  The Iceland versus Argentina match was thrilling to watch – a real David v. Goliath moment.  Iceland, the smallest team, held their own against the power house Argentina. What a game!

All of this excitement has me thinking about the different cultures as the Nations collide on the field. I love that the players, who travel the world for other teams, play for their home country when it’s time for the World Cup. (Messi, for example, is one of the most famous players in Spain but when it’s time for the World Cup, he plays for Argentina.) I love the blending of cultures.

Chateau La Frerotte vineyard

So I started thinking about French wine and how it blends with food from other cultures. Of course, French wine is meant to be enjoyed with food. But perhaps you thought, it was meant to be enjoyed with food from France, or at least food similar to that made in France.  But that isn’t true. Let’s be inspired by the upcoming France v. Peru match and talk about the blending of these two cultures.

Peru is famous for their anticuchos. These delicious morsels are skewers of beef, potatoes and corn on the cob. The meat is usually spiced with cumin, chili and garlic. A side of chimichurri sauce (a sauce that hails from Argentina), and you have a perfect food to BBQ, while watching the game. What would be a perfect pairing with this? La Frérotte from Lalande de Pomerol. It is 100% Merlot with luscious blackberry and red fruit on the palate, with soft tannins and a silky finish. It’s just delightful and would be perfect with this type of dish.


A glass of La Frérotte

La Frérotte is from Lalande de Pomerol, the area immediately north of Pomerol. Wines produced in this region are lush, Merlot dominated wines.  The soil from this region is clay, sand and well drained gravel. People often overlook this lovely area, and it’s delicious wine, because it is not strictly from Pomerol. However, they share the same soil, weather and terrain, being separated only by the Barbanne river. It means that some beautiful wines, similar to those produced in Pomerol, are available for a fraction of the price.


Château La Frérotte


A vertical tasting of Château La Frérotte

La Frérotte is made by the Tarendeau family, 4 generations of wine makers. Stephane Tarendeau has followed his father and grandfather’s lead by focusing on the expression of the terroir in the wine. He produces wines that are filled with red fruit, yet maintain their structure and balance. Stephane Tarendeau aims for the optimum biological and mineral balance in the soil, so that the vine can reach peak maturity. He also does not try to tamper with the beautiful wines too much, refusing to use excessive oak or over handle the wines. Rather, he works to preserve the wine in it’s natural state, allowing the terroir to shine through.

So, go ahead, get into the spirit of the games. And enjoy a little bit of each culture as you root for your favorite team. Vive La France!


  • Laurel Posted June 21, 2018 1:50 pm

    I tried the La Fre’rotte and loved it! Smooth and luscious with enough flavor and complexity to stand up to BBQ but balanced enough not to overpower it. Perfect for a summer dinner!!

    • Kelly Babineau Posted June 21, 2018 1:57 pm

      I agree! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed it!!

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